Week 4

Engagement - Increase compassion to build collaborative relationships.

To cultivate a habit of practice, we recommend you visit this page the same time every day for the next week. Remember that the 3 steps do not have to be completed consecutively. Create a routine that works for you.


Do a body scan before you go to bed today.

Paying closer attention to my body, I notice…

Take a moment to extend compassion to yourself today for something you otherwise would give yourself a hard time over.

I forgive and accept myself for…

Extend wishes for someone else to find happiness and peace.

I extend wishes for happiness and peace to…

Take a moment to remember the similarities you share with someone who you may sometimes find challenging.

Someone who I find challenging at times is just like me in the way they…

Take today to spend one minute in silence.

Minute - Practice:
In silence, I notice…