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The Need: One of Tesco’s Asia businesses was facing a particularly complex restructure, causing significant stress, pressure and low morale on the team.


Our Approach:

Ignition collaborated with Tesco to provide instrumental support and mentorship during this difficult period. Ignition offered a series of workshops and coaching over a 6-month period including:

 1) team coaching to build collaboration, connection, and purpose;

2) leadership skills to build stronger communication and presence when having challenging conversations;

3) resilience workshops to navigate stress and avoid potential burn-out, and; 

4) 1-on-1 executive coaching to build greater executive habits conducive to long-term growth and personal development.


The Results:

Ignition brought the much needed positive energy to the team and was able to draw on their previous finance background by providing the team with many practical tools and resources leaving the team to feel motivated and resilient during this challenging period.
— Jason Davies, Chief Audit and Risk Office, Tesco PLC


Cover Image-Simone Hhtsch Unsplash

Kully Jaswal