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The Need: Staff were feeling stressed and overwhelmed and were looking for solutions to provide support to build resilience and greater engagement.


Our Approach:

Ignition applied the latest research and best practices in mindfulness and resilience, to offer an innovative and practical program that had a good mixture of theory with a practical application. It was helpful to practice the learnings through the exercises/activities. MDs left the session with tangible ways to integrate mindfulness into their day, and a refreshed sense of the importance of how mindfulness and resilience can impact productivity and culture in the workplace. 


The Results:

Ignition were great to partner with - their collaboration, flexibility, and ability to customize for relevance to our audience made it a seamless experience.

 I recommend Ignition Coaching for companies who are looking to partner with a company who is a thought leader in this space, and will provide training that will show teams how to increase their focus and resilience. Participants said:

  • Great and relevant content. If we do this right, practice it, implement it, this will lead to all of our goals on work-life balance achieved

  • The facilitators did an outstanding job and mixed their work experiences in appropriately

  • The best part was the interactivity, skill building, discussion, brain research, and action planning

- Jonathan Dunne, Senior Managing Director, Deloitte Global HR, New York


Cover Image - Jonathan Denney, Unsplash

Kully Jaswal