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Under Kully’s exceptional guidance, I developed a better understanding of my personal value and priority.

Kully is an experienced coach who truly understands the challenges and the opportunities we face in today’s corporate environment.

Under her exceptional guidance, I developed greater awareness of my personal value and priorities. This enabled me to make tough decisions and ultimately leave consulting to start my own company. A great listener, she developed a comprehensive understanding of my situation before helping me rethink and explore options holistically.

Kully coached me in building my personal brand and driving a new campaign, which has enjoyed immense success in the Asia-Pacific region.

I enjoyed every session and would strongly recommend Ignition Coaching to other clients in need of Career or Executive coaching.

Fred Ngan, Insurtech Entrepreneur and Consulting Actuary, Hong Kong


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Kully’s knowledge and inspiration kept me motivated and positive during a time of major transition

As head of strategy for a large retailer, I was looking for a sounding board to make some very difficult career decisions.
Kully listened, asked the right questions and guided me to a better understanding of the key issues.  Her knowledge and inspiration kept me motivated and positive during a time of major transition, both personally and professionally.

I would highly recommend anyone wanting some professional help in developing their careers to talk to Ignition.

Ella Chan, Head of Strategy, Hong Kong

I felt confident, steady and optimistic in the face of unknowns

I've been fortunate enough to work with Kully at several critical points in my life and career.  In each instance, Kully helped me assess options in a very strategic and smart way while never neglecting my deeper values, goals and personal priorities at each stage. The foundational work we did at the beginning was incredibly helpful and I felt increasingly confident, steady and optimistic in the face of unknowns.

Because of her holistic approach, I’ve learned how to quickly gain clarity and how to take meaningful action.  It’s been one of the most valuable investments I've made in myself to date.  

Monica P, Brand Manager, Apparel, San Francisco and Hong Kong

Highly professional and purposeful resume and bio designs that delivered fast results

It was a great experience working with Ignition on the redesign of my corporate board bio and resume. They are easy to work with and created highly professional and purposeful designs that delivered results more quickly than I expected. I have since recommended Ignition Coaching to many others including our Harvard Business School, Women on Boards group based on my own seamless experience.  

Lisa Pent, Head of Business Development, Thompson Reuters, New York

instrumental in guiding me to craft my profile
and present my achievements with impact

Kully was extremely helpful in bringing clarity on how to tell my story and present my achievements in a way that would best serve my goals. She was instrumental in guiding me on how to craft my profile and resume according to the roles that I was looking for and was quick to identify opportunities where I could transfer skills from previous experiences.

Highly knowledgeable, Kully shared lots of relevant information in a structured manner. She was a pleasure to work with and I strongly recommend her!

Ana Alvarado, Data Specialist, New York

I see opportunities for change in the areas I saw limits

Working with Ignition Coaching was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I took a big step in my life and I got a new job I’m thrilled about. However, the most important transformation happened inside me. I now see opportunities for change in the areas where I saw only limits before.

Vitaly Banking ExecutiveHong Kong

If you are looking for direction and a gentle push, look no further

If you are looking for direction and a trusted professional to gently push you forward, someone who is practical and logical and empathetic, who will be your coach and sparring partner,
who will gently get you to look in the mirror, but never judge you, who will ALWAYS be your champion, who is honest and open and willing to share her own experience if it helps you, who is absolutely trustworthy and has the utmost integrity, who will never humour you – then look no further- Kully is all of this and so much more. You will be richer for letting her into your life.

Dr M O'Donoghue, Academia, Hong Kong

The go-to person when it comes to advice on building an EXPAT career

Beyond her impressive credentials lies a unique combination of analytical skills, insight and heart, and the kind of emotional safety so necessary to anyone in career transition. As an expat wife and mother, Kully armed me with the tools
to rebuild my lost confidence and self-belief.  She provided me with the encouragement and motivation to follow my passion, to not sacrifice my priorities and to remain confident in my choices.  She is a wonderful human being and a very positive force in my life.

Rachel H, Hong Kong

Ignition helped me reveal my inner Wonder Woman

I was going through some major life events when I started working with Ignition. I felt insecure about my own emotions and how I was reacting to daily life. In a short time, they provided the guidance, attention and kindness I needed in order to reveal the Wonder Woman in me. Now I feel more confident, relaxed and present. There is more fluidity and spontaneity in my decisions and overall I am in more control of my emotions. I can truly say that I have connected to myself in a way that I never have before.

Anne-Solene IT Project Manager, New York

Empowered with the tools I need to create a meaningful future for myself

I wasn’t sure what Ignition had to offer me as I felt I ‘had it together’ but at the same time was tired and unhappy at work. However, I was surprised with how quickly the Career Coaching made an impact on my life. 

Kully always had something for me that was genuinely useful in both my work and home life. She is an incredible listener! I’ve gained insight about myself that I’ll never forget, and that I will use in the real world.  Working with Ignition  has empowered me with the tools I need to create a meaningful future for myself.

Kully helped me to move forward and recognise that there is positivity in any decision you make. See the good side in every difficult situation and don’t be afraid to take risks. Thank you!

Laetitia, Marketing professional, Hong Kong


Kully helped me explore and clarify my options in a professional and positive environment.

Through a structured process I was able to get crystal clear about what I really wanted. A true professional and determined to get results, Kully is open, friendly and very easy to talk to.

I can warmly recommend Kully to anyone in need of coaching.

Jimmy O Product Manager, Hong Kong


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