Tangible tools to help you explore your ideal career


Having a job or business that you love starts from first gaining balance, energy, and focus in order to obtain clear direction for your career choices. Besides professional success, changing careers can also ignite an all around transformation, so get ready for an exciting journey.

Once you have your sights set on what you would like to go,  you can begin to take actionable steps to reach that destination. Here are some tangible tips & tools to help you along the way:


1. Network and connect with the right people

Networking, especially in-person, is critically important to making a successful career change . Since half of all job openings are never posted publically, chances are you will not find your ideal role from browsing online jobs boards. Instead, get the name of someone that works at an organisation you are targeting so you can reach out directly or be introduce via a friend.  Have a coffee with someone working in a role you’d like to learn more about. Attend conferences and other events related to your interests, and follow up quickly with the contacts to make there so they remember you. There will be no more valuable resource for you going forward than who you know.


2. Follow thought leaders

There are many approaches to personal and professional growth, and just as many books, articles and exercises out there to support the process. It’s important to find leaders/mentors who you find inspiring and follow them on LinkedIn and meet with those you know, to listen carefully to their advice. 

 One favorite book of mine is What Color is Your Parachute by Richard N. Bolles for finding an ideal job.  Originally published in 1970, an updated version is released each year and it continues to be one of the top books available for job seekers.


3. Use assessments and feedback

You may find that you need extra support, whether to figure out what you want to do or to make the actual change. After all, unless you know what drives you, it’s hard to gain clarity and make progress. One tool we use with our career change clients is Harrison Assessments. This was developed based on occupational psychology and has a 90% accuracy rate in predicting job success, compared to only 55% for most other personality tests. We can generate a variety of reports based on your responses, such as the Career Options Report – which identifies your strong interests and work preferences, or the Career Enjoyment Analysis – which compares your preferences and interests to the tasks and interests related to work satisfaction and success for a specific career.


4. Update your CV

A strong personal brand is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital and social media infused world, and can result in better job and business opportunities. Data shows that on average an employer takes less than 10 seconds to read a CV/resume, so don’t leave it up to them to make sense of your past. This can be a challenge if you are breaking into a new role or sector. 

We work with clients to develop a tailor-made CV design, based on a Personal Brand questionnaire. In the end, you have a visually impactful CV that tells a clear, logical story and focuses on your achievements that matter most.

5. Find coaching support

If you are still not sure how to get on the right track or how to find a direction that will make your happy in the long term, you may want to consider enlisting some extra support. The role of a career coach is not to ‘have all the answers’, but rather to act as your sounding board through your career change or transition. By providing guidance and advice along the way, we facilitate our clients’ process of self-discovery using a combination of coaching, consulting and assessment tools. This can mean anything from developing a primary action plan to making sure your CV is flawless to mock interview preparation. We offer a variety of packages to give you momentum and keep you inspired.

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Kully Jaswal

Kully is Ignition Coaching’s founder and an Executive, Career Coach and Facilitator. Kully works with new graduates and senior leaders alike, helping them find
careers they love. She is passionate about assisting individuals and teams to maximise performance, at personal and professional levels. Achieving greater resilience and drive in the workplace, as well as in life, is her main goal. Before changing her own career, Kully worked for over 12 years with Deloitte as a Director in the firm’s London office.