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How to be a Mindful Leader


We are living in a world that does not switch off – with information overload, increasing demands to perform extraordinary results and practically no time for self.  

How can we ignite our leadership skills and be at our best if we are constantly living in such a high-strung state? Stress, high anxiety and feelings of overwhelm are no strangers to high-power jobs and this may take a toll on our productivity, creativity, relationships and teams.

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Does Your Job Stress or Energize You

This quote by Simon Sinek, author of the popular business strategy book “Start with Why” and its related TED talk, showed up on my facebook page this morning and it resonated with me so much that I felt compelled to share my thoughts. Why did I react to it so much?  Looking back at my career, I can recall a long period of time when I was under constant stress that it felt normal to be working in such conditions. I even told myself that I needed the stress to perform, to play the game. Although I was doing well and getting promotions and recognitions, I was always tired and didn’t sleep well.

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