Career Coaching & the Harrison Assessment Questionnaire


Career coaching can help you to identify the career path that is most suitable for you and will give you insights about the most important key to success: yourself!

Why career coaching?

You may say that your job is not everything in life – that’s true. But still, it normally is a huge part of your life and during the week you spend a lot of time with it. So being sure about what you do and liking, not only accepting your job, is essential to be good at it, but even more important, to be happy with your life. These are only some of the reasons, why I choose for myself to take part in career coaching sessions. I am not sure anymore if I am on the right track and if my current direction will make me happy in the long term.  I do not expect clear answers, but I hope to receive guidance and advice and to maybe get the push I need to actually change something.

The “test”

So now, I am ready to do my first task – a 30-minute questionnaire which is supposed to give me some directions for my career path – the Harrison Assessment Questionnaire. The questions are no real questions, they are more statements that I have to rank from 1 – 8, from ‘describes myself very well’ to ‘describes myself the least’. I keep saying to myself ‘be honest to yourself’ or ‘are you sure that this is true?’. I repeat this mantra almost before every statement and I think this is a good way of doing it.

There is a build-in lie prevention anyway and on their website they comment “that more than 10% of the applicants are either attempting to cheat behavioural assessments or are not paying sufficient attention when completing it to obtain a genuine result.”

This test is all about what I prefer doing and what I like doing. Not so much about ‘What do you do?’ or ‘What are you good at doing?’. Researchers developed this test over several years and the theory which lies behind is the ‘Enjoyment-Performance-Theory’. According to their research, it is proven that employees who enjoy at least 75% or more of their job are three times more likely to succeed than employees who enjoy less than 75% of their job. Sounds logic to me. I have to make sure that ‘I like numbers’ and ‘I like working with computers’ is far down at the end of the measurement scale. My worst nightmare would be that the test suggests that my ideal career would be in Finance or as an IT guru. Is that cheating already? I don’t think so, as I am honestly scared and therefore the ranking at the bottom is honest as well. Right?

My preferences, my skills, my motivations – all that is sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden within the statements I have to rank. I catch myself more than once, asking how all this will come up with a suitable job suggestion. There is only one section which actually lists job fields and you can tick in which field you are interested in or not at all.

The results

Only 2 weeks later, I receive the results. 95% consistency in answering all the questions – well done, I managed to be honest to myself throughout the questionnaire. There are 2 reports, the first one list jobs that somehow match my profile and the second report, the paradox graphs, indicate my strengths and weaknesses. According to the test results, my strengths are organisation, Innovation, Delegation, Communication and opinions. In the career coaching session with Kully, I get to understand the deeper meaning of all results and especially the discussion about my development areas is really helpful. Particularly Stress Management and Self-acceptance are the areas I have to focus on for my self-improvement journey. For the coaching session, we mainly focus on my strengths and how they can help me to find my ideal career.

Although I am not 100 % sure about all suggestions that show up in the generated career options list, the job with the highest score of 92% is Painter or Illustrator, the overall direction the list is giving me, is valuable and true. It somehow gives me a hint what I truly would love doing and instantly gives me ideas to discuss with my career coach.

The test and the career coaching sessions truly inspired me and not only gave me the guidance I was looking for, but also an idea of how to start a completely different thinking process.

Think about what you have achieved already, think about what you love doing, think about what your highest values in life are. It sounds so easy – but have you seriously thought about all this already? If not, do it now!

- Kat, Marketing Professional Hong Kong



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